Why are revisions important?

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Today in Villa Teresa we come to tell why the breast exams or gynecological, in general, they are important. And is that many people, both women and men, still think that a review is not going to change their lives. For example, breast cancer is scientifically proven to be a pathology that mostly affects women, but that, thanks to the early detection of this disease, many have been able to overcome this disease. Like breast examinations, cytologies are a fundamental measure to be able to perceive any abnormality in our body. Contrary to what many people think, it is not painful and you always have the peace of mind that a medical check-up gives you by knowing for sure that you have nothing to worry about.

Despite all this, there are other methods that can be carried out at home, to try to prevent future medical complications. It is advisable that once a month, both men and women, palpate their chest to see if there is any type of abnormality in it. This is quite easy to do. Doctors recommend that it be done before showering, raising the arm corresponding to the breast to be palpated. It does not have to be painful, but if you get used to doing this, you will immediately notice if something out of the ordinary happens.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Obviously, you have to do reviews at least once a year, or if there is a greater risk (one of your close relatives suffers from a disease of this type), it is advisable to do it every six months. So, do not hesitate to stop by our clinic if you need more information or if you want to make an appointment for a complete review.


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