5D ultrasound in Alicante

What is 5D Ultrasound?

It is a non-invasive non-diagnostic procedure performed with a high-resolution ultrasound that allows a more defined and realistic reconstruction of the fetus. The 5D ultrasound, in addition to providing an early and tender contact with the baby that is on the way, is still a very valuable tool in monitoring the well-being of the pregnancy. That is why in expert hands it serves as an early detection method of any possible pathology. This new technology decisively increases the diagnostic capacity and the arrest of physical malformations of the baby. However, it should not replace any established diagnostic test in the follow-up of pregnancy.

When is the 5D ultrasound done?

The 5D ultrasound can be done from week 12 of the pregnancy and followed up until week 39. Between weeks 12 and 20 you can see the baby's body but not its features; Between 24 and 32 weeks, the baby's well-defined features can be seen, even if he grimaces, sucks his thumb, or sticks his tongue out. However, from week 32 onwards, the baby's position is observed, but a lower proportion of the amniotic fluid can make it difficult to clearly see his face and gestures. It must be taken into account that quality can be influenced by various factors, both maternal and fetal. We encourage you to follow the evolution of your baby by performing an ultrasound at week 18, at week 27 and at week 34 so as not to lose every detail of its growth.

What does a 5D ultrasound look like?

The 5D Ultrasound is a high-quality study that allows you to share a unique experience with your baby. You can spy on your baby inside the womb and observe her movements, a smile, her grimaces, as if it were a film. From the first ultrasound machines to the present day, technology has come a long way. The images are becoming sharper and more exciting when it comes to a baby. This study is a non-diagnostic complement to conventional ultrasound, which helps us to demonstrate the fetal anatomy and allows us to better see some anomalies. We know the emotion that being a mother makes you for this reason and for this wonderful experience to become shorter now with 5D ultrasound you will be able to see your baby in three dimensions with high definition that allows us to obtain moving images in real time of your baby.

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The 4D and 5D ultrasounds are spectacular and are a beautiful memory of the unforgettable stage of pregnancy. However, images printed on paper gradually deteriorate. For this reason, at La Clínica Médica Villa Teresa, we recommend printing them in 3D so that the best photos of the session remain intact forever. In our center, we have the technology to.

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