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Labioplastia Láser en Alicante

Ginecoestética en Alicante

Clínica Médica Villa Teresa presenta su UNIDAD DE GINECOESTÉTICA dedicada a fortalecer tu suelo pélvico, mejorar tu salud íntima y recuperar la confianza en ti misma. 

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En nuestra Unidad de Ginecoestética te ofrecemos la última tecnología y los tratamientos más novedosos que existen a fin de recuperar la estética y funcionalidad de tus genitales


It is the non-invasive, painless treatment that is performed in an outpatient clinic with the best results today in the area of aesthetic, functional and regenerative Gynecology.

El Rejuvenecimiento de la zona íntima con Láser de Co2 está indicado en la hiperlaxitud vaginal del postparto y menopausia, cuando se generan cambios anatómicos externos y pérdida en la elasticidad y tensión de los músculos y ligamientos pélvicos.

Stress urinary incontinence can be corrected with the CO2 laser, improving all those cases of urine leakage that occur due to a history of multiple births, instrumental deliveries, estrogen losses with age and constitutional morphological alterations with a certain hereditary component.

The CO2 laser produces a deep stimulation of the vaginal tissue at the level of the anterior vaginal wall, originating a complete regeneration, and improving the support of the bladder in order to contain the urine until going to urinate.

The CO2 laser is indicated in atrophy and dryness, recurrent vaginal infections due to its effect of hydrating, increasing lubrication and improving the PH of the vagina.

También se utiliza para tratamiento de verrugas genitales y vaporización de cervicitis, ectopias y lesiones benignas en cuello uterino por su función ablativa, de corte y coagulación.


It is the most demanding intimate procedure in order to reduce the hypertrophy or enlargement of the labia minora, restoring the harmonization of our genitals.

The aesthetic aspect and the discomfort of rubbing the labia minora (when placing a tampon or menstrual cup, during exercise, sexual intercourse) is the greatest motivation to undergo a reduction labiaplasty.

There are different surgical techniques that will be adjusted according to medical experience and the anatomical shape desired by the patient.

It is a procedure that is performed with local anesthesia, on an outpatient basis in consultation, the incorporation to its activities is immediate, you must have sexual rest mainly. Our specialists accompany you day by day in this recovery process.

It is a treatment that improves the flaccidity of the labia majora after the loss of elasticity of the skin over the years or as a result of excessive weight loss.

It is a simple technique, it is performed in consultation, with local anesthesia so it is completely painless and is very satisfactory to our patients

It is a treatment that we use to improve female genital functionality due to its property of hydrating, regenerating and giving volume to the skin.

It is indicated in vaginal atrophy and dryness (due to menopause, use of tamoxifen, antidepressants), recent vaginal infections (PH changes and genitourinary syndrome), pain during sexual intercourse, vulvar itching and fibrotic scars from episiorrhaphies.

Lo más novedoso es que una vez que la zona ha sido tratada no vuelve al estado previo del tratamiento, pudiendo ser porque activa las células dormidas que hay en los tejidos.

It is the reconstruction or repair of the hymen, which is a skin membrane that partially separates the vagina from the vulva.

There are different techniques of realization that will depend on the anatomy of the patient.

It is a simple procedure, it is performed on an outpatient basis in consultation, with local anesthesia. In the postoperative period, it is recommended to avoid physical effort for 1 or 2 weeks later. Complete healing is considered between one and three months after treatment. 


It is indicated in vulvar lichen sclerosus, vaginal rejuvenation, postpartum vaginal dryness, increased sensitivity of the G-spot, treatment of vulvar wounds or scars, filling of the vulvar lips with plasmagel.

Vaginismus is the involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles in response to stimulation during sexual intercourse that totally or partially prevents its penetration

El btx bloquea y relaja el músculo infiltrado produciendo a nivel vaginal una rotura del círculo vicioso de contracción-dolor-miedo-más contracción que se produce en el vaginismo.

Its effect lasts between 4 - 6 weeks, normally one session is enough but it is adjunctive therapy to psychological therapy.


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Ginecoestética en Alicante

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