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The importance of breast exams

La importancia de las exploraciones mamarias - Clínica Médica Villa Teresa Alicante

Today we come to talk to you about the importance of breast exams. And, although few women do it, a breast self-examination can be the difference between a scare or a long-term illness. The best thing is that we can do this exam ourselves, without even having knowledge of medicine. It is as easy as before or after the shower, touching the chest area. It is advisable to do it with the arm up in order to put tension on the muscle and easily palpate any type of abnormality. You have to apply some pressure to the area with the same hand with which you are feeling, but without hurting yourself. The best thing is that, in general, you yourself will notice when something should not be there or when it is something completely normal.

An exploration like this, once every two months, or in people at risk (genetically predisposed, with a history of cysts or other types of lumps in the breast area) once a month, it can help prevent any type of abnormality in your body, be it something benign such as a cyst of fat in the area or something much more serious such as breast cancer, which affects both women and men, so it would be recommended that men also undergo some kind of examination. Although it is true that the percentage of women affected by this ailment is higher, it should not be forgotten that men can also be affected. For this reason, in our clinic, we have taken this day to help people prevent one of the most deadly diseases in the population and to make people aware that they have to have a scan at home once a month.

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