Sandra López Vargas

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Solo tengo buenas palabras. La doctora excelente, profesional y cariñosa. Su compañera también un encanto!! Te tratan como si estuvieras en familia tanto ala embarazada como al acompañante. Encantados de verdad. La clínica una maravilla. Todo de 10.


Why are revisions important?

Today in Villa Teresa we come to tell you why breast or gynecological examinations, in general, are important. And it is that many people, both women and men,


The importance of breast exams

Today we come to talk to you about the importance of breast examinations. And, although few women do it, a breast self-examination can be


10 Things Moms Should Know About Ultrasounds

Having the first ultrasound or ultrasound that allows you to meet your baby can be an unforgettable and exciting experience to say the least, but at the same time

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