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At Villa Teresa Medical Clinic we are a team of highly qualified medical specialists and health professionals with extensive experience, whose mission is to provide our patients with solutions at any stage of their lives to improve their quality of life, mixing the latest advances in technology and medicine in an environment of trust, respect and privacy.

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Clínica Médica Villa Teresa Alicante


Carrying a complete annual check-up with your gynecologist is the best guarantee to rule out sexually transmitted diseases and gynecological cancer. Prevention is our best weapon!

Ecografías en 5D Clínica Médica Villa Teresa Alicante

5D ultrasounds

To get to know your baby better before birth, at Villa Teresa Medical Clinic, we have a team of expert doctors who offer you various ultrasound modalities, which will become a memory for a lifetime.

Ginecología estética, regenerativa y funcional Clínica Médica Villa Teresa Alicante

Aesthetic, regenerative and functional gynecology

Problems of vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, prominent vulvar lips, painful scars, discomfort with your genitals, genital warts or pain during sexual intercourse have a solution thanks to our gynecosesthetic doctors who will offer you the most appropriate treatment for every need.

Fisioterapia general y en el embarazo Clínica Médica Villa Teresa Alicante

General physiotherapy and in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special condition of women where she can experience multiple changes in her body: muscular, cardiovascular, hormonal, respiratory, urination and many others, hence the importance of guiding yourself and feeling accompanied throughout this process with us.

Medicina estética avanzada en Alicante. Clínica Médica Villa Teresa

Advanced aesthetic medicine

We take care of your natural beauty at any age. We study your particular case and we will propose you the facial or body treatment that suits your needs and physiognomy, always with the most innovative rejuvenation techniques.
Análisis Clínicos Clínica Médica Villa Teresa Alicante

Clinical Analysis

To offer you comprehensive and complete care, we have the most advanced tools in blood analysis and extraction. We offer you the non-invasive Prenatal Genetic Test, routine blood tests, hormonal profiles, infertility and couple incompatibility studies, sexually transmitted disease test, food intolerance test, and much more.

Frequent questions

It depends on the age of the patient:

  • Puberty and adolescence: they should go to the gynecologist when the first period (menarche) or the development of sexual characteristics (pubic or axillary hair, breast development) occurs before the age of 8 or after the age of 16.
  • Women who initiate sexual intercourse until menopause: annual cytology is recommended. From the age of 40, a more special stage begins at the gynecological level, due to the perimenopausal changes that may begin (alterations in the menstrual cycle, new symptoms in relation to the rules ...) and due to the increased risk of breast cancer compared to women younger and thus assess the need for additional mammographic study in this group of patients.
  • Women in menopause: Up to the age of 65, annual cytology should be continued. Also, until the age of 69, breast screening will continue through biannual mammography, bone densimetry and analysis with tumor markers.

It will depend on the age of the patient. It basically includes the medical consultation to answer all your questions, the cervical or papanicolao cytology, uterine and ovarian ultrasound, breast examination and breast ultrasound if warranted. It is NOT painful, although it will always depend on the patient's pain threshold and sensitivity.

Mild or moderate stress urinary incontinence can be treated without surgery, with outpatient laser treatment. The laser energy vaporizes the superficial layers of the vulvar introitus, causing a contraction of the external pelvic structures that surround the urinary opening. This contraction allows the woman to regain control over urination.

Yes, Regenerative Gynecology allows correcting the size of the labia minora and labia majora through different techniques. The correction of the labia minora, called labiaplasty or nymphoplasty, consists of sectioning the excess ends of the labia minora.
At Villa Teresa Medical Clinic it is performed with a CO2 laser, a cutting tool that coagulates the tissue while resecting it, minimizing bleeding and bruising. The treatment is carried out under local anesthesia in a single session.

Recovery consists solely of avoiding sexual intercourse for the first 30 days.
And the correction of the labia majora or augmentation labiaplasty can have two objectives: correct the sagging labia or increase their volume. In the first case, the CO2 laser removes the excess part of the skin. In the case of very empty labia majora, it is possible to increase their volume by infiltrating hyaluronic acid or by injecting autologous fat, by optimized fat transfer. In both cases, treatment is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

No, it is an outpatient procedure that lasts approximately 25 minutes, anesthetic cream is placed before starting it. The return to the routine is immediate, you only have to wait 48 hours to have sex and take immersion baths or immerse yourself in swimming pools. And there is no risk or complications for it.

The Pilates method is an excellent option during pregnancy to perform the exercise recommended by the experts. By working the body with this method adapted to pregnancy that helps you to a correct body alignment. Slimmer body.
Greater Toning and muscle strength.
Greater range of body motion
Regain and improve flexibility
A greater understanding of breath
Improvement of the circulatory system
Pelvic floor toning
Reduce the musculoskeletal and lumbar discomfort typical of pregnancy

The objective of physical preparation during pregnancy is to know how it works and our body, to facilitate and achieve the best functioning and in the most physiological way possible of childbirth, preventing dysfunctions, listening, respecting and enhancing their needs, times and capacities. Women who perform physical preparation for childbirth during pregnancy have: Fewer instrumented deliveries
Fewer cesarean sections. Less need for an epidural. Shorter deliveries. Less need to resort to breaking the water bag.

After the evaluation of your pelvic floor specialist physiotherapist, if all is well, you can start in the sixth week if it has been a vaginal delivery and in the eighth if it has been a cesarean section.

Yes, we have Pilates classes and hypopressive gymnastics for all patients in general.

Nuestros tratamientos medico estéticos tienen como objetivo lograr resultados en armonía con tu belleza natural según la necesidad y previa valoración por nuestros medicos estéticos. Utilizamos Acido Hialuronico (mejillas, labios, mentón, ovalo facial, pómulos, sienes y ojeras); Txin Btx (frente, entrecejo, contorno de ojos); Peelings químicos (arrugas finas, piel envejecida, manchas solares); Plasma rico en plaquetas (clave en procesos de cicatrización, regeneración de tejidos y rejuvenecimiento facial); tratamientos con laser de CO2 (cicatrices de acne, lesiones de verrugas y lunares, manchas solares).

Te ayudamos a perder peso sin perder masa corporal, reducir la celulitis y la grasa localizada. También tratamos la hiperhidrosis o sudoración excesiva en axilas y manos con btx, rejuveneciemitno de cuello y escote y reducción de cicatrices.

We accompany you in every step of your life ...

We are with you year after year taking care of your genital health with gynecological check-ups

Clínica Médica Villa Teresa Alicante
Clínica Médica Villa Teresa Alicante

We accompany you throughout your pregnancy with our 5D ultrasound unit that is always accompanied by high-resolution 2D ultrasound to monitor the correct development of your baby. 

In our physiotherapy unit we offer you support to maintain the correct well-being of your body during your pregnancy.

Clínica Médica Villa Teresa Alicante
Clínica Médica Villa Teresa Alicante

Con nuestros tratamientos de ginecología estética, regenerativa y funcional mantenemos la armonía perfecta de tu cuerpo ( Rejuvenecimiento genital, blanqueamiento vulvar y anal, tensado vaginal, labioplastia, reafirmante de glúteos, hidratación vaginal con PRP)

We take care of your facial and body beauty and we take care of keeping you always young.

Clínica Médica Villa Teresa Alicante

Villa Teresa Medical Clinic, always by your side

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