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5D Emotional Ultrasound in Alicante

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2D / 4D / 5D emotional medical ultrasound experts

2D / 4D / 5D ultrasounds

To get to know your baby better even before it is born, at the Villa Teresa Medical Clinic, we have a team of expert doctors who offer you various ultrasound modalities, which will become a memory for life.

Gynecological consultations

Carrying out a full annual checkup with your gynecologist is the best guarantee to rule out sexually transmitted diseases or gynecological cancer.

Vaginal laser

Many women, after childbirth, experience sexual intercourse problems or incontinence. The vaginal laser helps to calm these symptoms so that they do not have to experience any type of problem.

Medical consultations

We take care of your health regardless of age, sex, organ systems or diseases, with a constantly updated high professional, technical, research and academic level.

We accompany you in the process

We accompany our pregnant patients throughout the pregnancy monitoring the development of the fetus.


Our 4D ultrasound | 5D is always accompanied by high resolution 2D ultrasound, which is really useful to check your baby's health.


We provide the best care to patients and decisively contribute to transmitting the tranquility that future parents need to live this stage of pregnancy with hope.


In case you don't see your baby's face in 4D | 5D, we will invite you to come again on another day to retry the exploration.

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We are a team of medical experts in emotional ultrasound. For this we have the most advanced 4D ultrasound equipment | 5D with the highest resolution available today.

We believe that this combination of medical resources and technologies is what allows us to provide the best care to many patients and decisively contributes to transmitting the tranquility that future parents need to live this stage of pregnancy with hope.

For this we offer you a close and personalized treatment to transmit tranquility during the exciting wait of your future child.


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