Photo sessions in pregnant women

Pregnancy is an extraordinary stage and surely you want to keep many memories. You will not regret making yourself one photoshoot if you are expecting your baby. Thus, you can immortalize the most special moment of your life.

Whether you want a memory, announce your pregnancy or show how radiant you are in one of the most beautiful moments of your life, our pregnant photo sessions will make it a precious and unforgettable experience with professionals so that the mother shows how happy she is feeling that a new life is being created inside a beautiful belly. Villa Teresa Medical Clinic assures you that you will never forget this wonderful adventure in which you embark with your baby thanks to the beautiful photos we will take of you.

Studio sessions by professional photographer

Pack 1

  • 40 photos at web resolution with basic leveling.
  • 6 Files edited and retouched at maximum resolution
  • 1 hour approx. Study session with 2 changes of clothes.
  • 20x28 fine art paper copy

Pack 2

  • 80 photos at web resolution with basic leveling.
  • 9 fine art paper copies + album book + files of those photos retouched and edited at maximum resolution.
  • 2 hours approx. double session in Study and Outdoors if desired. Up to 4 changes of clothes.

Additional features

  • Additional session: indicated for a new born session when the baby is born. Identical to pack 1
  • Edited and retouched file in full resolution

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