Pilates and Yoga
for pregnant women

pilates and pregnancy

Pilates classes for pregnant women strengthen the PELVIC FLOOR preparing you for childbirth, helping a better postpartum recovery, they consist of back stretches that also relieve all the discomfort that you present in pregnancy:

Benefits of Pilates in pregnant women:

At Villa Teresa Medical Clinic we have a multidisciplinary team that is expert in floor Pilates for pregnant women.

Our sessions can be individual or in very small groups, which allows us to adapt and personalize them according to the needs of each mother. We also follow a strict protocol against Covid-19. 

All our pregnant women receive a medical evaluation prior to the start of our classes

yoga for pregnant women

It is a very dynamic practice allowing you to feel fit, vital and relaxed during your pregnancy. During pregnancy you may experience discomfort, nausea, dizziness, fluid retention, fatigue, weight gain, heartburn, constipation and insomnia, and prenatal yoga helps these symptoms disappear. We accompany you in your pregnancy physically and mentally.

It is recommended to start prenatal yoga from the 12th week of pregnancy, as long as it is not contraindicated by your Gynecologist.

Benefits it brings to your pregnancy:

hypopressive gymnastics

Hypopressive Gymnastics is a very innovative technique based on just (holding the breath) maintaining different postures. Our main objective is to strengthen the pelvic floor and it is especially aimed at women after childbirth and also for patients who wish to strengthen the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. Strengthening the pelvic floor is based on avoiding genitourinary problems. Such as urinary incontinence or pain during sexual intercourse, back problems such as low back pain, sciatica and others of an aesthetic nature such as abdominal flaccidity.

At Villa Teresa Medical Clinic we have a multidisciplinary team expert in hypopressive gymnastics. Our sessions can be individual or in very small groups following a strict protocol against Covid-19.

The session is approximately 45 minutes. After childbirth, Hypopressive Gymnastics classes can be started after the 1st month after recovery.

Our specialty is treating women who after childbirth seek to strengthen the pelvic floor and thus avoid, protect or correct urinary incontinence and for women who want to resume their sports activity after childbirth.

Multidisciplinary team, face-to-face classes to accompany your pregnancy,

we take care of your health, small groups. Call us!

We also offer you our personalized floor pilates and yoga classes for men and women adapted to the needs of each person

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