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Unidad de Flebología - Clínica Médica Villa Teresa Alicante

In our Phlebology Unit at the Villa Teresa Clinic, we treat Venous Insufficiency in all its stages and varicose veins of any size, starting with ultrasound reviews to diagnose the disease and its degree. Likewise, we determine the sites where the insufficiency lies to perform the treatment with a more precise ultrasound mapping.

In mild cases, we recommend preventive measures to slow down the disease and make it more bearable. However, varicose veins are the main complication of Venous Insufficiency, but we treat from the smallest to the largest and twisted ones. In addition, all the treatments we offer are without surgery, ambulatory or sick leave. They do not hurt almost nothing and do not require anesthesia because we use liquid or foam sclerotherapy, depending on the size and complexity of the varicose vein. Even if there aren't too many large veins, we use ultrasound-guided foam sclerosis.

Our procedures are: liquid sclerotherapy or with foam for spider veins and nutritional veins, foam sclerotherapy for both reticular and prominent varicose veins, and ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy for insufficient truncal veins that need to be viewed by ultrasound to inject the foam. For all this, we use very fine needles that hardly cause any discomfort. Thus, the vein progressively clears and the process does not take more than twelve weeks, the minimum being four.

The foam injected into the varicose vein displaces the blood and closes the vein so that the body dissolves it. This varies from person to person and depends on age, genetic makeup, complexity of varicose veins, playing sports, etc. However, four to six treatment sessions are required.

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