What is 5D ultrasound?

It is a non-invasive, non-diagnostic procedure performed with a high-resolution ultrasound that allows a more defined and realistic reconstruction of the fetus. 5D ultrasound, in addition to providing early and tender contact with the baby on the way, is still a very valuable tool in monitoring pregnancy well-being. That is why in expert hands it serves as a method of early detection of any possible pathology. This new technology decisively increases the baby's diagnostic capacity and physical malformation arrest. However, it should not substitute any diagnostic test established in the monitoring of pregnancy.

When is the 5d ultrasound done?

The 5D ultrasound can be done from the 12th week of pregnancy and followed up until the 39th week. Between the 12th and 20th weeks you can see the baby's body but not its features; Between 24 and 32 weeks the baby's well-defined features can be observed, even if he grimaces, sucks his finger, or sticks out his tongue. However, starting at week 32, the baby's position is observed, but a smaller proportion of the amniotic fluid can make it difficult to see clearly his face and gestures. Keep in mind that quality can be influenced by various factors, both maternal and fetal. We encourage you to follow the evolution of your baby by performing an ultrasound at week 18, week 27 and week 34 so as not to lose every detail of their growth.

What does a 5d ultrasound look like

5D Ultrasound is a high-quality study that allows you to share a unique experience with your baby. You can spy on your baby inside the womb and watch her movements, a smile, her grimaces, as if it were a film. From the earliest ultrasound scanners to today, technology has come a long way. The images are getting sharper and more exciting when it comes to a baby. This study is a non-diagnostic complement to conventional ultrasound, which helps us demonstrate fetal anatomy and allows us to better see some abnormalities. We know the emotion that makes you a mother because of it and for this wonderful experience to be shorter now with 5D ultrasound you will be able to see your baby in three dimensions with high definition that allows us to obtain moving and real-time images of your baby.

Which is better the 4d or 5d ultrasound?

The most important thing for a mother is to know that her child is fine, if it is also a baby that is still in the womb, just feeling it is not enough to be sure that everything is going well. We have gone from 2D ultrasound that offers a flat image, in black and white, to 3D that provides color and a three-dimensional image of the fetus. With 4D ultrasound, the movement of the fetus is added in real time. Finally, 5D ultrasound corrects the image, providing even more sharpness and realism, offering an exact image to reality. The main difference between 4D and 5D ultrasound is image treatment. 4D ultrasound provides moving, real-time, color images of your baby, as well as seeing the fetus' face clearly. In this line, 5D ultrasound goes further with the volumetric image treatment that offers more quality, texture, realism and sharpness. You will be able to see your baby's face, movements, yawns and grimaces in real time and completely true to reality, so much so that you can even appreciate the skin tone. In reality, both ultrasounds are very similar. The big difference between 4D and 5D ultrasound is that 5D ultrasound is the latest innovation in obstetric ultrasound, you can see shadows and roughness that allow you to see your baby's face, features and movements perfectly, of course, to have the certainty that both you and your little one are in perfect condition.

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